Water Shut Off (February 25 2014)

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Important Notice 1 WATER SHUT OFF RE: Broken Water Main on Scarlett Road
Today, t e !ity tec nician" a#e $n"$cce""%$lly tried to locate t e !ity " $t o%% #al#e& T ey 'ill ret$rn tomorro' to locate it and cond$ct t e 'ater main repair"&
(lea"e prepare accordin)ly %or ot and cold 'ater " $t o%% tomorro', Fe*r$ary +,, +-./, at 0:-- a&m&
(lea"e note t at t e 'ater 'ill *e re"tored a" "oon a" t e !ity tec nician" 'ill %inali1e t e repair" on t e 'ater main&
All tap" " o$ld remain in t e o%% po"ition d$rin) t e"e repair" to a#oid potential %loodin) once 'ater i" re"tored& YOUR UNDERSTANDING AND COOPERATION IS MOST APPRECIATED.
Coca Berea
Site Administrator

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