Feeding pigeons from balconies

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STOP Feeding the Pigeons
in Balconies
April 24, 2014
Dear Residents, Pigeons cause considerable nuisance. They are known to carry diseases and their droppings are both no ious and unsightly. !ne o" the reasons they are present on the property is that so#e residents keep "eeding the#. !nce the birds reali$e that they will be "ed so#ewhere regularly, they will go to that area repeatedly. There"ore, we appreciate i" residents STOP "eeding the pigeons and other birds in their balconies.
%oca &erea Ad#inistrator
IMPORTANT NOTICE: Wilson, Blanchard Management Inc acts at all material times solel! as agent "or the Condomini#m Cor$oration s$eci"ied in the s#%&ect line o" this message #nless e'$ressl! and e'$licitl! stated other(ise

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