2011 Swimming Pool Rules


  1. Each resident must produce a resident identification card to be checked by the lifeguard on each occasion the pool is entered. The resident identification card may be carried by someone already in the pool area. If neither of these provisions is adhered to, the guard will refuse entry to the pool.

  2. The lifeguard will ensure that each resident who has produced an identification card, also properly signs the register upon entry.

  3. Residents will be held totally responsible for the conduct of their guests and must accompany them.

  4. Over-crowding is not to be permitted. In the interest of safety, a maximum of 25 people is allowed inside the black line & pool.

  5. Horse play and running in the pool area is not be allowed under any circumstances.

  6. No other person shall be allowed in the lifeguard’s chair.

  7. The lifeguard will not have non-resident friends visiting the pool and will not permit conversations with residents to interfere with their duties and responsibilities.

  8. Swim suits are the only apparel to be worn by users in the pool. Cu-down jeans, shorts, diapers etc., are forbidden. Shoes must be worn to and from the pool. Long hair should be in a swim cap, ponytail, etc.

  9. No children under the age of twelve are allowed in the pool without a parent or a resident adult guardian supervisor, as well as the lifeguard.

  10. No toys or equipment of any kind is to be allowed in the pool area, e.g., swim fins, masks, snorkels, inflatable toys, balls, etc., except for instructional purposes as determined by the lifeguard. Eye goggles are allowed if they do not cover the entire face.

  11. No unauthorized person shall use the test kit, thermometer, chemicals or any other pool equipment.

  12. No glass containers, alcoholic beverages or food of any kind is allowed in the pool area or the change rooms.

  13. Residents and guests are not to be allowed to use the pool telephone for any reason except when authorized or instructed by the lifeguard, in the event of any emergency

  14. Residents and guests are not allowed to bring radios without earphones into the pool area or surrounding deck. The lifeguard may have a radio in the cabana for personal use when the pool lis not open, or in the inclement weather. The lifeguard will ensure that this radio is not played at a degree of loudness that will disturb residents on their balconies or in the area outside the pool.

  15. The lifeguard will ensure that ashtrays and refuse containers are available in the pool area and that they are cleaned out regularly. All smokers must use the ashtrays provided. Smoking will only be allowed in the designated smoking areas.

  16. Chair cushions are for chair use only, and are not to be placed on the pool deck. Lounge chairs in the storage room are individually owned and are not for general use.

  17. Please take a cleansing shower before swimming at all times.

  18. In consideration of others, residents are requested not to use a second chair as a footrest.

  19. No pets allowed in the pool area.

  20. The lifeguard has full control of the pool and at their discretion, he or she can ask a user to leave.